Complaints and Feedback

“At Miltons, we put the customer at the heart of our business.”

Here at Miltons we aim to make every customer leave happy, whether they are spending thousands on an engagement ring or borrowing hundreds to fix the car.

We need to know when we get things right – and when we get them wrong.

We value all Feedback, even if submitted anonymously, regarding our service in store, on the telephone or through this website. Simply email us on or contact us using any of the other methods listed on our Contact Us page. A senior member of the team will respond where appropriate, if you give us your own contact details.

For pawnbroking (our only consumer credit product) it is especially important that we have a clear, consistent mechanism for receiving, handling, addressing and learning from any complaint.

We have a comprehensive Complaints Policy in place.

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Among providers of short term credit, pawnbroking stands out as one sector of the market that has attracted almost no complaints historically*. As for the Miltons businesses themselves, they have had a formal complaints policy in place for some years under the auspices of the Financial Ombudsman Service and advanced millions of pounds of loans in that time. It is very satisfying to confirm that complaints are almost unheard of at the Miltons companies and negligible even across the wider pawnbroking industry.

The Financial Ombudsman Service ( publishes a consumer leaflet which we can provide on request, though you may also like to visit their website page that website is not under our control, please advise us immediately if the link no longer appears to function correctly.

NEW for 2017 :  a basic guide to the Financial Ombudsman Service is available,  click here

No-one can be perfect every time, but we’ll act promptly and professionally to try to fix things if you are not happy. Please click on the links above or on the main pawnbroking page for more information.

Each of the three companies served by this website are individually Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Click on our “FAQ” page for specific company details.

* In Autumn 2017 the Financial Ombudsman Service released its latest full year figures. In that full year they had received some 321,000 complaints about various financial services (payment protection insurance, current accounts, payday loans etc) but statistically pawnbroking complaints were negligible. Across the whole of the UK only 12 complaints about pawnbrokers were upheld in the year.