Debt Advice

Pawnbroking itself is a straightforward service used very sensibly for accessible, short term borrowing by rational people from all walks of life. Its nature does not allow interest to compound or spiral out of control in the toxic way that other products like pay day loans might have.

Repayment terms are very flexible, such that a pawnbroking loan may be repaid in full or part at any time within the term of your contract.

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The last thing we want is to have to sell a client’s property. If allowing you a little extra time in which to redeem it would make a difference, please contact the pawnbroking department of the Miltons store at which you pawned your property. We want to help you reclaim your jewellery / watch if it is possible and are very happy to discuss this with you.

Using a pawnbroker for longer-term borrowing, or using one repeatedly, might indicate that other options should be considered.

There are also some clients whom regrettably we cannot help at all, or as much as they want / need.

To help where it might thus be appropriate, we have compiled this useful advice :

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Please ask if you would like us to print out a copy of these documents for you. We’re here to help.