Valuation Services

Full-time, highly qualified valuation experts on-site at our Liverpool, Church Street store*, so your jewellery does not need to be sent away!

* This service is periodically available at our Chester store. Please enquire for dates

We provide our clients with a full valuation service for insurance, probate, family division and other reasons.

As insurance valuation specialists we know that many people are not aware of the value of their jewellery, and having them professionally valued by an expert is the only way to be sure you have adequate insurance cover.

Although the police are experts in the detection and prevention of theft there is only so much they can do to protect your valuables.

You can protect yourself further by having your jewellery valued, this is vital to protect you as they give you accurate replacement values and importantly lasting proof of ownership.

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Unlike most other jewellers, ALL valuations are undertaken on the premises. Your jewellery will not leave our shop.


We aim to complete your valuation within 3 to 5 working days. We also offer an EXPRESS same day service by prior arrangement. For a small additional fee you can have your jewellery valued in just a few hours.


All valuations are carried out by one of our National Association of Jewellers’  Institute of Registered Valuers click here.

IRV Fellow member Nick Bailey FIRV and IRV member Matthew Wilkinson RJDip, MIRV are best qualified to undertake all of your valuation requirements whether for Insurance, Probate, Family Division or other.


We will provide you with a comprehensive valuation pack including complete details and photographic images of your items as well as information and advice to enable you to properly insure your jewellery We also include gemmological identification and quality information that can be used to accurately identify and assess your jewellery in years to come following loss or theft This provides you with a comprehensive service to safeguard your jewellery and give you peace of mind.


Using the latest Guildpro technology, all valuation details are securely stored on the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers intrinsically secure e-register database, accessible to the police and insurance company in the event of a claim. There are no personal details stored on this database.


For valuations of this standard, charges are normally based on a percentage of value or a per-item fee. To offer you the best value for money, we offer a choice of both of these from which you pay the lower price, guaranteeing you the best value:

Valuation fee is the LOWER price from the following two options:

PER ITEM FEE (single or few items)

1st item £50 Subsequent items £30 each Maximum individual value £10,000, thereafter the charge will be 0.5% of the item’s value

VALUE-BASED FEE (larger quantity)

Fee is based on the TOTAL value of the appraisal

  • From £1 to £1000 – £50
  • From £1001 to £2000 – £75
  • From £2001 to £3000 – £100
  • From £3001 to £4000 – £125
  • From £4001 to £5000 – £140
  • Thereafter £15 per £1000

EXPRESS FEE  (usually available only at our Liverpool shops and by appointment only) : additional £25.

PROBATE VALUATIONS  £10 per item with a minimum charge of £120. Three or less items charged on Per Item fee basis.



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Premium Express Service

We can arrange an appointment for you to have your items valued on the same day (from 30 minutes) This premium service is available for just a £25 surplus to our standard fees (maximum of 5 items applies)